The thief of Baramos, its worth is more than a Children’s Literature.

What is your childhood favorite book? Back in our childhood’s life, we probably had our own books. Some were interested in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series while other were  interested in Marvel’s comics. For me, my childhood favorite book is The Thief of Baramos.


The Thief of Baramos is a Thai Children’s Literature which are written by Rabbit. It is the series books with 4 parts, which are The Crown of Heart, The Wand of Power, The Ring of Philosopher and The Sword of King, mentions about the conflict between Eden, the land of human, and Demos, the land of devils.



The Thief of Baramos and The Crown of Heart


The story started when Felin De Bereaux, the thief of Baramos, was forced by his father to register an admission to Edinburg King Academy for kidnapping the prince or the princess. By this, he met Kalo Wanebli who was the Prince of Kanoval, and Kilmus Filmus who was the killer of Zares. The three became friends after sharing the room together. Then their lives were  tied up after Felin accidentally found that he was truly a woman who was the daughter of Evides Gredevel, the king of Demos, and she was chased by assassins who were ordered to kill her because of the forecast that she was the princess of darkness who would start a war between Eden and Demos. She was helped by Kalo and Kilmus to escape from the assassins and ran away to Demos. In the end, the story showed that Felin could solve the conflict and made peace with the two lands.

The Thief of Baramos and The Wand of Power

The Thief of Baramos and The Wand of Power

Although this series book is the children’s literature which tells the readers not only the funny and fantasy story, it also teaches the readers with the morals and extra thoughts as well.


The Thief of Baramos and The Ring of Philosopher

The Thief of Baramos series are categorized as the children’s literature with humor and fantasy. The morals and extra thoughts are inserted in this series book and teach us through the character’s speeches, expressions, or behaviors.


The Thief of Baramos and The Sword of King

As the expressions, this story shows the other sides of attitudes. We probably imagine that the demons should be the villains which are uglier and fiercer, but the true is that humans are crueler than the demons. It also shows us the dark sides of humans through the story as well. As the behaviors, the characters in this story tell us that no one does pure good or pure bad. The world isn’t black or white, but it’s all gray. So, no one is better than anyone . And as the speeches, there are many quotes that impress the readers, for example, the god gives us the hard test with the answer key, but the fools see only the test and feel that it is hard to solve.

The Thief of Baramos series is one of the books that I have read repeatedly more than five times. I love to read and memorize the quotes in this book. It can sustain our thoughts and improve our minds higher.

So, I think it is appropriate for parents to use this book as a tool for teaching their children’s moral. As the children’s literature, it is not only humor and fantasy story, but it is an apologue as well.

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