The volunteer for rural development camp

The volunteer for rural development camp

The volunteer for rural development camp

                One says, “To give is to receive” and I believe so. Last weekend, I had a chance to join in The volunteer for Rural Development Camp at Phetchaburi for 2 days.  At that time, I realized that the camp gave me two of lifes greatest things; friends and experiences.

First, I got good new friends who have the same attitude. Everyone in the camp made the sacrifice of their time and energy. We liked to help other people without receiving anything in return. From these points, we all got along easily. Although I’ve never know some of them before, the camp made me felt like we were all  family after we passed the tough time together.

The next thing that I received was wonderful experiences. For 2 days, I was chosen to do 3 duties with 3 different groups of friends. The first duty was planting herbs in the garden. This part includeded preparing vegetable beds, planting and watering. This work was so tiring but fun. The next duty was community relations. I and my team had to go out of the camp to help villagers make bricks from clay. This work caused pains and aches all the part of my body. I felt as old as John! However, it was a new and quite fun experience  to do with friends and other people who were strangers before. The advantage is that we can exchanged our own experiences with them. This is a rare opportunity.

The last duty was cooking for friends. Normally, I like cooking so this work was not a problem. In addition, I had a chance to help my friend taking care of students. They were nice and innocent so  I was really happy to be with them.

Even though  the trip was only two day,  It was delightful. I made good friends and also experiences. Next time, if  possible, I will join the camp again.

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  1. I wish I could go with your guys!

  2. It was the most AMAZING experiences and memories I ever have.
    We had a great moment to be as a giver.
    I hope someday we’ll have a chance to laugh and share our happiness again.

  3. It is really interesting to join. I wish I could go with you next time. You say ” To give is to receive”, and I believe so.

  4. I love making the clay bricks. 🙂
    If we have a chance, let’s join it again. ♡♡♡

  5. Really miss that time >< If I have a chance I'd go there again too. 🙂

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