Three effects of computer addiction

Three effects of computer addiction


                        Computer addiction, the excessive use of computer, causes three effects on daily life. The first consequence is that it ruins the addicts’ health. Excessive use can cause sleep deprivation which makes many following health problems.  It is also related with other syndromes and makes the addicts easily get a fever. Being the addicts can lead to severe illness and even eventual death.  The second consequence is about relationship between the addicts and people around them.  The addicts often lose their friends because of excessive use of computer. People around them especially their friends in the real world may think that they are not important at all. This is because they feel like being ignored from the addicts.  The final consequence is very vital because computer addiction affects the addicts’ studying. If they waste too much time with computer, they will definitely get bad points that can cause the family problem. Unfortunately, they may be retired. All of the problems may be called “disaster”. In conclusion, everyone should efficiently manage his time and find the real advantages of using the computer.

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