Three Skills to Become a Successful Person Nowadays

Three Skills to Become a Successful Person Nowadays

No matter how many decades pass, to become a successful person is still not easy, it will become harder and harder especially nowadays when people, who are surrounded by technology and information that running in every single second, wait for a chance to introduce their faces to the world. For me, Bill Gates is a very good choice to investigate his secret paths to a huge achievement. He was a drop-out student who worked very hard in an old garage while his friends still studying in college and got better score than he did. So what happened to the man who did not even get any degrees from the university? Bill Gates owns Microsoft and those friends work for him. Now, I have categorized his secret into three essential skills to become a successful person nowadays. There are leadership skill, entrepreneurial skill, and technological skill.

The first one is the Leadership Skill. This important skill is a special ability that a businessman like Bill Gates always has in his mind. It is the key to control everything in your hand to work in the way you want. Bill Gates knows how to manage with his many co-workers very well. Besides, he has an ability to make a decision wisely to have a big great move for his company and he never underestimate his opponents in front of him.

Learning to be only a good leader is never enough! Bill Gates still knows how to make his business growing up fast and powerfully than any business by running them with the Entrepreneurial Skill. This skill featured with strategic thinking, morals in business, and the most important factor, finance. Bill Gates learnt to plan carefully to make the most satisfied profit from his business, Microsoft Company, but he never forgets to have a moral to his customers who using his products all over the world too.

Lastly, the Technological Skill is needed! If you want to become successful you must learn how to use the Internet and any other electronic devices that help to produce and promote your work as much as possible, please remember that the most people who see your work the most possible chances you get to succeed. Bill Gated uses Internet to communicate with his customers and to spread his products worldwide. He knew how the technology effects to people’s lives and he decided to pick this thing to be one of his keys to succeed.

It is not important how many times you falling down but it is how many times you get up and give yourself another chance to fight for your goal again. Bill Gates’s life guides us very well through his hard-working life, his self-motivation, and his deliberation on everything. The above three essential skills must be suitable for you who want to be a successful person in this globalization at the present time.


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  1. You picked an interesting topic and did a well-organized review of it.

    Clearly Bill Gates combined many different skills to be successful. This reminds me that there are many different kinds of intelligence. Read Howard Gardner for more about this.

    As teachers, sometimes we focus on and test only one type of “IQ.” This is clearly a mistake as there are many different ways to be “smart” and to be successful. Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Steve Jobs, Quentin Tarantino and many others didn’t succed in school yet became world-wide leaders and very happy in their accomplishments. Maybe education defines success in too narrow a way? Maybe education is desgined to produce followers, and not leaders and innovators?

    • Surasawadee Sunktong

      Thank you for your comment. I truly agree with you John! In Thailand, people give less value to school/college dropouts like Bill Gate but focus on how many degrees you get instead (hehe). I really hope to see more leaders and innovators in my country, too.

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