Three Ways to Use Internet Safely

Three Ways to Use Internet Safely

Internet Safety

          The communication world nowadays is no longer only in the reality anymore. It is a synthetic world called “Digital World” which can be accessed through the Internet. So, the Internet becomes more and more important. Everyone knows that the Internet gives us several benefits, but at the same time, it is dangerous as well. Therefore, “Safe Internet” becomes more significant for every Internet user. In my opinion, Safe Internet is the way to use the Internet with the discretion, the word choices, and the security. The reason for having these three factors to use the Internet safely, first, when we are online, we can see plenty of the information, but sometimes, this information is not always true. Therefore, the users must consume it discretionarily. Second, when we online, we should consider the words we use carefully. Since when we use the Internet, we “type” to respond or express our opinions. The reader will not know the tone of voice and the feeling that we want to describe in the sentences. And this can cause the misunderstanding or even the quarrel with others in the real world. Lastly, we should think about the security when we use the Internet, especially on the social media. We should not think that it is our private place where we can post anything we want or expressing our deep feeling because it is a kind of public places where everyone can access it easily. Thus, we should use it wisely by keeping our personal information as a secret information. All in all, concerning about discretion, word choice and security while using internet are the ways to use the internet safely.


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