True love between sisters

True love between sisters


Most of us probably grew up watching Disney Movies. We are all familiar with classic “true love” story. The prince rescues the princess by kissing. And then, they are both live happily forever. But if you watched Frozen, you will know that romantic love is definitely not the only kind of true love out there. There is a deeper love that can break the rule. That is a true sisterly love between Elsa and Anna. Both of them told me what the four definitions of true love are.

First, true love is like the best friend. Sisters are the best buddies who spend their time playing together. Happiness will always begin when Elsa and Anna build a snowman and ride their bicycles together around the halls.

Second, it is like a mirror that shining back at you with a world of possibilities. You will see that when Anna falls blindly in love with Prince Hans, Elsa is the one who deny the marriage because she knows that her sister is too young and she just met the prince so she doesn’t know what will happen in the future.

Third, true love is like a magnet. Although they are so far away, it can make them never give up and try to meet each other. After Elsa leaves the town in an endless winter because her powers are exposed, Anna embarks on a journey with love in her heart to bring Elsa back home.

Fourth, true love is a magical power. At the end of Frozen, we all think that the love’s kiss of some man can save Anna’s life. But it is not true. Elsa and Anna have already proved that they are aware of a sisterly love, a magical power that can save her life.

In conclusion, there are many words to define true love between sisters. Right now, I know that a princess can be rescued not only by a prince but also by her sister. I think everyone needs to focus on finding the true love from our families and our siblings instead of someone who doesn’t know even our names and someone we never stop thinking about.


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  1. After I read your post, I came up the idea that we don’t have to see things in the way people told us to see.
    It is our own sights that determine the way we see. Like this movie, “true love” doesn’t need to be a love between a prince and a princess. But it can happen within everyone.

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