Turning Back Time

Turning Back Time

What do you usually do when you are feeling low? People have different ways to soothe their blue mood and hide their pain. Personally, the way to make me feel better is to listen to music since every music has its own meaningful story that could recall the good old days making me happy. Every time I listen to the song, I feel like I am going to those days. Thus, song is not only the way to heal my pain but also bring back my past.

Every time people talk about music, the first thought coming up to my mind is my most favorite song ever, “History” by One Direction. History is a deeply significant song. One Direction said that the real purpose behind this song was that they wanted to thank their fans who have supported them for over five years. The meaning of the song is about the breaking of relationship between two people. A man asks his girlfriend to stay as he cannot live without her. They had a whole lot of story together. He always believes that if his girl does not leave, they will be the greatest team that the world has ever seen. Hence, he begs her to hold each other as in the previous days. This song reminds me of my unforgettable moment in high school with my very close friends who are not close anymore.


Having a good friendship is like owning a great treasure, but once the relationship is broken, it is too hard to be the same. Like my story, when I was in secondary school, I had a big group of close friends. We had thirteen members. We were such an extremely close-knit team. Every lunch, no matter how crowded the cafeteria was, we would wait for an available table so as to sit together. We talked and shared almost every story in our lives. Spending time with them was my perfectly happy moment. Does these seem to be the happy ending movie in which we will love each other forever? The answer is “No”. The path of our relationship went well for over three years until one day we had some misunderstandings. That day we separated into two groups and treated the other group like a stranger. We did not talk or even see each other for a week. One evening after school, finally, we decided to clear up our problems. We talked and cried together and also promised that it would not happen again. However, we all went home with the bitter-sweet feeling that everything could not be the same. Unfortunately, it was true. The 13-amazing-close-friend group already ended since that day.


As mentioned previously, songs can bring back your old memory. My favorite song “History” can also call up one of my most memorable moments with my wonderful friends. We really had a whole lot of story together. I still believe that we could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen like One Direction said. I possibly would like to tell my friends that if I could turn back time, I would do everything that can make our team stay together forever like we used to be.


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  1. I wanna cry while i am reading this

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. This song is so meaningful. TT

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