Using Facebook as an Educational tool

Using Facebook as an Educational tool

We all know that a technology is growing up so fast nowadays. Social Network Sites (SNSs) are the popular innovation among people in every age, especially younger generations. In addition, “Facebook” is the most popular SNSs with numerous users worldwide. It would impact and become a part of our life, also education. So it is important for teachers to understand the using of technology and use it as an educational tool.

However there are both advantage and disadvantages of using Facebook as an educational tool. One of the advantages is observed as easy communication between teachers and students. Teachers can post assignment deadline or contents for the next class. They may also use Facebook to discuss with students outside of the classroom. This will encourage student to be an active learner. Another benefit is that Facebook users can share information anywhere anytime. It could be a file, a picture or a video via Youtube. So, teachers may post interesting information to share with students or student sharing with peers. Although to use Facebook in a part of education represents benefits, there is also some disadvantages in this issue. First is that users should be careful of the relationship between teacher and student. Their relationship would change if they can access too much to other profile. Moreover, as I have mentioned before that we can easily enable knowledge on Facebook. But not every information is a reliable source. Sometime, we get and share the wrong news so teacher must be aware of that because most students would really believe in the teacher.

Using Facebook as an Educational tool represents both sides, so that it depends on users to use and adapt appropriately.

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  1. You made some good points, Aom. When I used my Facebook account as a course managment system (CMS), I was always worried about being “the teacher” looking in on my students’ more private online life, or them seeing me post a comment on my profile that i might not ever say in a classroom. In short, your concerns about privacy and crossing boundaries are well-founded I think. This is one reason I love Edmodo. It is purely a professional system that servers only one purpose: helping students learn.

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