What exactly is racial hatred?

What exactly is racial hatred?

From the very beginning of humanity, thousand groups of people with same races stuck together, but the difference definitely caused troubles. When the common resolution was that your team came first, war has begun. Though the world is becoming civilized, the hidden feeling called racial hatred still lies within our blood.

Racial hatred or racism is feeling and act of detestation towards different ethnic groups, and it can be expressed in both verbal and non-verbal ways from abuse to harassment by which have been enhanced multiple reasons. One of the main causes is social discrimination from another nation due to skin color, historical conflict, or political system. As a result, those are considered to be the rank of the superiority and inferiority between nations. Because of this prejudice, people from both sides tend to create an ice wall against each others. An offensive stereotype is also another critical cause of the hate crime. By negative presumption, it is an enormous human cage anyone cannot get out.

Frankly, I used to feel that Thailand is the most supreme country among our neighborhood, seeing that the majority of Cambodian and Burmese have been managing to sneak in Thailand and live their lives as our labors. I giggled, when I saw them made a great effort to imitate Thai accent. However, after I looked into their eyes, I could perceive their pains and hardship they have been through. I was guilty, and I soon realized that they are just like me, trying hard to learn foreign language. They are just like me, human who is trying to survive.

Racism is a frame that tears us apart. It’s just a feeling within heart. There is no wrong to feel. The point is ones learn how to react and live with others peacefully, as a famous quote states that everyone is born equal.



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  1. Good job dude. You’re dead right. Racism should be forgotten by people in 21st century.

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