What exactly love is? “Love” is a word that full of meaning in itself. Personally, love is a kind of feeling which can be shown to other in own way. Some people think that love is full of happiness in their life but not mine. Love is not just happiness but it is deep feeling which can be both happiness and sadness in the same time. Love is giving without turning back. Whatever you do or whatever you give to that person you love, it’s no need to turn back to you. All of you do are the way you show your love to them and in your heart, you hope that they will know and accept it someday. Love can be sadness if it is one sided of love. It may make you sad and cry but finally it will be shown that you are strong enough. Although love is happiness or sadness, it can make you growing up. Open your heart to find someone to love and don’t expect the result of it. You will find that love is never hurt anyone.

In my case, I have broken up many times. I never met someone who really care of me and understand me. They have come into my life and then they have gone forever as well. Everytime I fall in love with someone, I just want it will be the last for me but it is not. I feel like I have walked through the darkest forest, lost in there and cannot find the way to come back home. Until now, I have known that it doesn’t matter. I can live without them and my life is still going on.

Above of all, if you’re sick of love, try looking around. You will know that there are family and friends who are still besides you and never make you hurt.

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