What is Love?

What is Love?

What does “love” really mean whereas this desirable feeling is defined in million ways? Some people define it as giving. As a result, love is so pure which it will be sent to someone or something you love without expecting any response. To clarify, letting him know what you feel and whether he will love you back or not is unimportant. This definition is hardly found in current but from the two persons who gave you birth. Besides, some also think that love should be forgiveness. If you still love, you would forgive your lover unconditionally whenever he makes mistakes. Thus, it can be said that forgiveness exists to extend love life. Or, you let someone know the great love expressed by forgiveness and hope that he will not do something wrong again. Lastly, however, the definition of love that impresses me the most is love must not distress whom you love. It means you have to behave based on caring for another person’s feeling. To sum up, before doing anything, you should think first. It actually lasts your love since it is the proof that you are reliable. By the way, no matter how love is, good or risky, we all need it in hand.

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