What makes Sherlock Holmes unique?

What makes Sherlock Holmes unique?

Sherlock Holmes is one of famous novels which is very popular around the world. It has been remade several times, neither as novel version nor movie version. The first Sherlock Holmes published  in 1887, however, we still can find it even nowadays. Then, what makes Sherlock Holmes unique? In my opinion, there are three main reasons which attract people reading or watching it.

First, it has an interesting plot. Since Sherlocks Holmes is in the thriller genre and the plot is complicated. This complexity increases the charm of the story. Moreover, it can make the reader or the audience feel challenged by the difficulty of each case too.

Second, it has the charming characters who have a very unique identity. As there are several versions of Sherlock Holmes, the main character like Sherlock Holmes also has his personality differently in each version. For example, in the film ‘Sherlock Holmes’ directed by Guy Ritchie, Robert Downey Jr. who plays as Sherlock Holmes has a little bit crazy and sensitive character. He even drinks some kinds of Embalming fluid or spends about eight hours for catching the flies into the bottle. On the other hands, Sherlock Holmes in the series ‘Sherlock’ which cast by Benedict Cumberbatch has completely different character. Benedict presents Sherlock as a heartless person at first. This Sherlock hides his feeling under the indifferent face. However, both of them are very intelligent and observant men.

Third, it encourages the reader or the audience to find out Sherlock Holmes’ thought. Each Sherlock Holmes has his own style of investigating the cases, therefore, the reader or the audience can feel the novelty in the ways that each Sherlock investigates; although, they have read or watched other versions. The more ways of Sherlock’s thought that you noticed, the more ways you will develop your thinking as well.

In conclusion, the reasons which made Sherlock Holmes to be one of the top stories ever are because of the interesting plot, the charming character and Sherlock Holmes’ thought. However, we should not just read or watch it just only for fun, but we should bring the ideas from the story to develop our lives too.

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