When I almost got to die

When I almost got to die

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens” said Woody Allen. According to this quote, fear is such a sensation that no one can dodge or escape. Especially, it cannot deny that everyone has his or her own fear. Someone fears the height. Someone fears the dark. Someone fears ghost. Or even someone fears love. But certainly, everyone fears the death.

Personally, I have the scariest experience that I almost get to die. It allows me to perceive about a fear. It is regarded as one of my worst experiences that took place in the last vacation, the car accident, which I could have never forgotten. This accident happened to me and my mom. Reminiscing to that day, I exactly remember the moment the car crashed into the tree. After that happening, what I firstly saw after I was about to be conscious is the blood pouring down from my forehead onto my laps. At that time, I felt like “Thanks God. I am alive.” Then, what came up in my mind was my mom who was a driver and sat next to me. That picture that I saw on that day has been stuck in my head until now. My mom fainted and her head was down on the steering wheel. At that moment, I was so shocked and shouted out loudly “Mom!! Mom!!” That moment was like I almost lost her eternally. Suddenly, she raised her head up and turned her face to me slowly. At that time, all I could do was just saying “Thanks God again that saved her.” I felt very pleased that she was alright although my head, hair, and all over my body were soaked with the blood. I and my mom were brought to hospital by my dad. Everything was getting better. Then, after everything seemed to be alright, thinking back to the moment I almost got to die, I can realize something significant. It was good that I was alright. It was a lot better that my mom was safe. If I lost her that day, I really got no idea how I would survive and how my life would be. She is the one and only woman whom I can love and especially she is like the whole world for me. If this world burst out into pieces, it would be the toughest and most suffering time of my life.

Last but not least, just be reminded that the most fearful thing in life is not a fear of death, but a fear of losing someone you love the most. So, take every moment worthwhile with the one you love as long as you have him by your side.

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