When I had my appendix operation

I had my appendix operation four years ago. I felt sick in the evening after taking final exams while I was walking to Siam BTS station. When I tried to continue walking, I got the worst stomachache and headache that I have never feel before in my life. To relieve my all pain, I stopped walking and sat down for a while. I wanted to call my family to take me back home; however, I didn’t have any decision except going back home by myself because nobody was at home at that time. Fortunately, my grandmother, who has been living next to my house, took me to the Thonburi hospital after I reach my home in the very bad condition. After a doctor diagnosed, He let me admit in hospital for one night because he didn’t sure the cause of my sickness and would diagnose again in the next day. Diagnosed by doctors, they decided to give me an appendix operation the night of the next day. At that time, I didn’t feel nervous anymore because I feel too painful to pay attention to anything. Then, the nurse took me to a very wide surgery. While I was looking a very big white circle light above my body, the nurse asked my weight to prepare a suitable quantity of drug for me. After that, the doctor let me smell some drug to make me sleep and I saw everything turn to black in a very fast time. When I felt conscious, I could feel my stomach is so painful that I couldn’t move my body easily. Although that was a bad experience for me but it would also be an unforgettable events in my life.


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  1. Wow! I’m glad you are ok. If not taken care of quickly, a burst appendix can be deadly.

    I had the same operation in Thailand. The “doctor” first told me I had food poisoning and sent me home. He was wrong!

    When I came back later that night still in major pain, I told him he made a mistake and had better think of a better diagnosis. Sure enough, the next doctor found that my appendix was about to explode. Thank god I was aggressive in making the doctors do a more thorough and professional job or else I might be dead.

    The surgeon I had was great! Happy ending.

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