“When I was your man”

“When I was your man”

Music is something everyone knows and gets used to. It cannot deny that almost everyone listens to music in every single day. So, it obviously shows that music plays an important part in human’s life. Someone listens to music to relieve stress or sadness. Someone listens to music to entertain himself. Or even someone listens to music for no reasons. Personally, I listen to music every day, and I have a lot of favorite songs; however, “When I was your man” by Bruno Mars has been the number one song of my heart so far.

The first time I heard this song, I felt like it is amazingly awesome. Its melody is amazingly melodious and the lyrics are blissfully meaningful. Whenever I listen to it, I really feel relaxed because of the piano sound combined with the sense of an acoustic. So, I get addicted to this song easily. About its meaning, this song talks about the man who out of the blue lost his girlfriend. He was such the man who was quite selfish. He always thought that she loved him so much that she would never leave him no matter how cruel he was. So, he did not care anything about her and never proved that he loved her. He never thought of her even just one second. Especially, he never thought that he would have lost her until one day she left him for those reasons. Since the day she left, he has felt so sad, nervous, and disappointed in himself. He could realize how dumb he let that good and strong woman walk out his life, yet it was too late. Now, he can do nothing to bring her back. He promises to himself if he could go back to clean the mess he made in the past, he would do everything to make her happy, and especially to make her stay. But in fact, all he can do is just wishing her find a new man who truly loves and cares her so that she will not be sad or upset like she had been in the past when she was still with him.

Anyway, according to the aforementioned meaning, it makes me feel like the more I listen to it, the more touched I feel. Actually, I have never had any experiences or never been treated the same way as the woman mentioned in the song, but I can feel deeply emotional as if I were her. It sounds really sad about the story in this song, but sounds really great in aspect of how a man can perceive that what he did to his girlfriend was completely wrong. In addition, the story can teach every man to behave himself and to be a good boyfriend. I do not intentionally mean that every man in the world is not good at all. I just want to remind him that “a true man will never hurt his girl.” By the way, I think that even if this song is the sad song, it is such the most beautiful sad song ever.

A quote says “Music can explain what is in your heart or how you feel into lyrics”. Also, listening to music can make you feel in different ways. It can make you feel high or low, depending on what genre of song you listen to; it is your choice. However, what you take after listening to the song is not only the melodiousness or the emotion accession, but also what you learn from the song or how the song teaches you.

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