When in Rome, my most favorite novel ever

When in Rome, my most favorite novel ever

Novels are my most favorite books to read. I like to spend an hour in the book store finding a great novel to read if I have free time. The type of novels that I love to read the most is about the romance and tragedy because it is really touching, enchanting, and poignant. Although I have a lot of novels in my heart, “When in Rome” has been still my most memorable novel so far due to its impressive story of love, life, and loss that I can never ever forget.

In terms of love, the story teaches readers about the beauty of love among the family’s members, the love between couples, and the love between an artist and fan club. It especially focuses on how unexpectedly powerfully love can be. The most important lesson is that love is truly everlasting and nothing can take love away.

In the aspect of life, the story obviously illustrates the different life between the poor and the rich, which reflects the reality of society nowadays as well. Moreover, readers can learn that life is uncertain or changeable. Like the quote shown in the book says, “people were born to die; only the goodness and impression are left to be real.”

In the part of the story that deals with loss, the story can make readers connect to the feeling of losing the one whom they love the most. It shows how suffering someone has to be when she cannot be with her heart anymore. However, it teaches how to get through the condolence and how to think positively although nothing is alright.

I believe that this book will be interesting for novel lovers and general readers. For someone who is still hesitating to grab one, I guarantee that When in Rome is absolutely great and particularly well-worth reading,

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  1. Yeah, first blog entry! Congrats, Tae. I liiked your review. Who is the author of the novel?

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