Where can I get inspiration?

Where can I get inspiration?

Do you think it is tough to be creative under pressure? I definitely agree with this saying. For a week, I have found myself cannot create any writings or even complete a work that I have not finished yet. This semester is totally zapping my energy. Every subject I enrolled in this semester requires final mega projects on the same dateline time. Because of an enormous amount of works which are piled up on me, I have to do my works under pressure. No matter how much I curse, all I need to do is finish all works on time. Recently, I have found the ways to get inspiration for creating works.

The first one is talking to someone you feel comfortable to talk to, someone you trust. The most important people who always provide good advices are parents. Parents do not only give us life, but also give us light because their advices can always light up our idea. For example, I had to prepare a presentation about process in 5 minutes, but I did not know what I should present. Like an angel came to me, I called up and asked my mom, she asked me if I remembered the step of making lemonade that she had taught me when I was 15. Oh, mom, this was saving my life because making lemonade spent only 3 minutes. She was completely lit up my idea for that presentation. In addition to parents, friends are also the people who always give us idea of creativity. When I was at the dead end street of creating works, brainstorming with friends usually gives me new idea. Brainstorming together, I learn different thoughts from each of my friends and they really open new point of view to me.

Another way to get inspiration for your work is to look around yourselves. Sometimes, a little thing in your room or even on your desk can bring about new fancy. For example, when you cannot think about what to write in journal, look on your desk, perhaps, a bottle of water can be your journal. You can write a story about “a journey of a little bottle” telling a short story about plastic bottles manufacturing process by using a plastic bottle as a protagonist. If you look your surrounding thoroughly, something you have never thought of it before may save your life of working.

Giving mind a breathing room can be the best way to find inspiration for creating work. Sometimes, the cause of your wit’s end is that you have much pressure and stress. Here, breathing room can get rid of your stress. A breathing room is the place or things that help you clear your mind. It can be a shopping mall, river side, park, theme park, seashore, or wherever you feel relax when you go there. For me, the best breathing place that helps clear my mind and find inspiration is a bathroom. When I am in the bathroom, there are only me and water falling down from a shower. No disturbing from other people helps me arrange my mind, and my thought for work. Many inspirations come through my mind as if the water running down from the shower fills up these inspirations to me; more water touching my skin, more idea I get. Perhaps, my mind can be cleared effectively in the circumstance which has falling water sound.

Finding inspiration for works may be hard. However, it can turn to be easy when you look through and through at someone, something or someplace around you. Talking to someone you feel comfortable, looking at simple things nearby you, and giving your mind a breathing room can help you find inspirations and creative idea for work. Whenever the creative idea do not come into your mind, keep calm, take a deep breath and break up the stress by following the steps I suggest. I cannot guarantee the result, but for me it definitely works. Just try it!


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