Which Fit You More? Beach or Mt.?

Which Fit You More? Beach or Mt.?

Which Fit You More? Beach or Mt.?

         What is the first tourist attractions come up in your mind? Generally, people always think about getting some tan skin traveling to the beach whereas some people seek for the peace in the deep green forest in the mountain. Both are the fascinating places for travelers. However, beach and mountain are different in some ways.


The beach is the joyful place. A lot of activities are on the beach. Most travelers go to the beach for enjoying swimming or making s sandcastle. In addition, very strong sunshine is one of the best things along the beach. Many travelers go to the beach to get their body looks hotter by sunbathing. Some travelers also go to the beach for playing sports. Volleyball is one of the most interesting sports on the beach while surfing is the most exciting water sport for travelers. So, the beach is fit for the people who enjoy doing activities and meeting a lot of people. Moreover, if you are crazy in having party, the beach is the best answer for you! In Thailand, there are a lot party events along the beach such as Full Moon Party. It is the event which is full of music, light, people and hard-drinking.


However, some travelers are looking for some places to avoid the crowd. Mountain usually is the answer for them. Normally, travelers go visiting the mountain in group in order to go for hiking, the most famous activity. While hiking, you will discover that you are surrounded by the nature. Silence and the fresh air is the best friend for hiker. If you enjoy using an easy life, you would love hiking as well. Once you visit the top of the hill, there is no longer a luxurious place to stay in the night and sometimes there is no restroom as well.

In conclusion, beach and mountain are clearly different. If you love the crowd, the sun, joy and party, the beach is the best answer for you. On the other hand, if you discover that you love the peace, silence, nature and easy life, take yourself to the mountain. Select you best and enjoy your vacation

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  1. So the best place for me is mountain? I won’t go there for travelling. I’ll pick all my stuff into a car and move there bye. 😀 ps.kidding

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