Which skincare product should I use ?

Which skincare product should I use ?

One skincare product works nicely on your friend’s skin but not yours. Have you ever wondered “Why” ?  It’s because there is no such a dreamy product that will work well on every person skin. You have to take care of your skin appropriately with your skin type. There are 5 types of skin.

First, for dry skin, it’s important to put some moisturizer after bathing. Try applying rich moisturizer like cream or lotion that can make your skin hydrated. Avoid using product that have Alcohol as an ingredient because alcohol will make your skin even drier.

Next is oily skin, this type of skin’s pore tend to get clogged easily. Try choosing the products labeled as “noncomedogenic” to avoid that problem. Using light weight products like serum and gel will cause you less shiny-faced problem. Try to use “oil-free” product because there is enough oil on your face.

The third is combination skin. For this type you may have to use more than one skin care product. You can use a rich moisturizer with dry area like your cheek or your chin, and also use another light weight product with your oily area like your forehead or your nose. There is no rule that you have to stick with just only one product over your face.

Next skin type, which everyone dreams to have this one, this is normal skin. Normal skin is a perfect skin, not too dry and not to oily.  Normal skin will not face with other problem as oily and dry skin. Those who have normal skin will choose product according to their concerns. For example, If you have some dryness related to the weather, choose a hydrating skin product to solve that problem.

Lastly, Sensitive skin type. If you have sensitive skin you may have to find the cause of your problem and avoiding it. The cause maybe because you had cosmetic allergy or used product that contain steroid. The answer of this type of skin is “Simple is the best” . Try to choose product labeled as Alcohol Free, Paraben Free and Fragrance Free. No special extracts like rose extract, pearl extract, gold extract because they are not necessary for you.

Since we all have only one skin, it’s important to keep our skin as good as we can. You’ll only see your beauty when you want to see it. You will see your skin’s beauty when you take care of it appropriately.

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