Who are you ?

Who are you ?

Before you want to understand others, you must understand yourself.

Before you wan to admire others, let accept yourself.

                Last week, our  teacher let us do some interesting activity that is called ”Who are you?”. It helps me understand myself and others more and more. So, I want to share this activity to all of you.

 Supposing that we are following these animals, what kind of animals are like you ?


Rat : Strength point : care other’s feeling ,positive thinking, love peace

            Weak   point    : be too courteous, trust others easily, afraid of denying other’s request


Gaur : Strength point : fair, enthusiastic, straightforward, do everything quickly

               Weak   point    : lack of cautious, hot-tempered, moody




Bear: Strength point : cautious, introvert, responsible

Weak   point     : obstinate, afraid of failing, not well-adjusted


Eagle: Strength point :imaginative, like to try something new, flexible

Weak  point      : be bored of something new easily, thinking but not doing, lack of tolerance

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For me, I thought over again and again. Then I realized that I am like a gaur because I always do everything quickly, talk frankly, and sometimes lack cautious. After that, our teacher let us talk in group by dividing us into rat, guar, bear and eagle groups, telling about why do you think you are like this animal, what are good point and bad point of you. While listening to other’s experiences, I realized that I seemed to be like them. I always said So do I. Definitely, all of that are the bad points of us, but sometimes we don’t realize about it. For example, I am a straightforward person. I always say something frankly and I forget that it might hurt my friend’s feeling. Therefore, I think being straightforward person is both good and bad point of me.

From this activity, I listened to my friends’ stories and knew the reasons why they used to do that. And after this class, my friends and I walked to the dorm together, talking about how we could adjust ourselves and promised that we will improve ourselves to be better.

  How about you? What kind of animals are like you ?

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