Why are ghosts in movies so scary?

Why are ghosts in movies so scary?

Have you ever thought of seeing a ghost movie without sound? Do you think it would be just as scary to watch a ghost movie without any of the usual effects? Well, there are some factors that have been used to help ghost movies become scarier, such as the color in the movie, the movie sets they use, the make up that they put on, and much more. So,  let’s examine some techniques that directors and cinematographers use in the ghost movie world.

Only seeing the pictures in ghost movies might not scare some  people. However, adding haunting sound-effects is one of the most necessary techniques that might scare audiences twice more than just seeing the pictures. Sample  some horror or ghost movies and you will find that almost all movies contain haunting sound-effects, especially in the important scenes of the movie. The tone of sound that they use  is often in a low pitch or base tone. Do you know why? It’s because bass tones gives people stress and anxious feelings. High pitched sounds may also be used for sudden, shocking events that are meant to be alarming to audiences.

Another technique is the brightness and color that is used in films. Ghost movies usually use dark colors, like black, blue, and brown. These colors are just normal but powerful. Black is especially strong as it is the symbol of death and represents the nighttime,  which is very appropriate, of course, to  horror and ghost films; Nighttime is when evil power is at its strongest.  However, the “scare scale” of movies depends on the experience of the audience. We can’t say that all of these techniques can scare everyone. They are just ways to make the movie more interesting and potentianly more scary.

How about you? Ask yourself, what scares you the most in ghost movie. (^o^)”

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  1. The Exorcist scared me to death…almost. Of course, I was just 11 years old. Now, I understand science and for some reason, ghosts never bother people like me. 🙂

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