Why don’t you GO NOW?

Why don’t you GO NOW?


Most people think that music is for entertaining only. But sometimes we can see a flashback of our past through the lyrics of the song. Lately, there is one song that reminds me of my once decision which could have changed my life. The name of the song is Go Now by Adam Levine.

This song is one of the original soundtracks of the movie, Sing Street. In the movie, the protagonist had a dream and he hesitated whether he should pursue his dream or not which relate to the song. The lyrics is about encouraging and supporting what you are doing, just like one time when I wanted to do something, but I decided to stop because of some reasons.

The memory I recall from the lyrics is when I was going to apply to community college and continued my study in the US. I really wanted to study abroad, but I know that it requires financial support and my parents would have to lend money. Even though my mom encouraged me to go for it, I still didn’t want to cause them any more problems. So I came back to Thailand and finished my high school diploma. That’s how it ended.

I still think about where I would be if I had studied in the US from time to time. If I could turn back the time, I would take the risk and go now. I am, however, still doing fine at my university in Thailand and in no time I will be a graduate.

” We’re never gonna go
If we don’t go now
You’re never gonna know
If you don’t find out
You’re never going back
Never turning around
You’re never gonna go
If you don’t go now “

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