Why girls have to wear makeup?

Why girls have to wear makeup?

Many people don’t understand why some girls have to spend their time for hours for doing make-up.  They also spend their plenty money on cosmetics. There are 3 reasons why makeup is necessary for girls.


First, girls do their makeup to cover their imperfections. Girls with uneven skin tone wear a concealer to conceal their dark spots, red spots, blemish. Wearing a concealer also can cover their dark circle under their eyes that happen when they sleep late or have an allergy. Some girls might have a problem with their brow. Eyebrows are an important part of the face that shows the balance of the face. Some girls may have very thin brow so they have to do their eyebrows to make their face look better.


The second reason is wearing nice makeup benefits girls in many careers. Appearances are very important in many careers. People who have a baby face won’t get so much reliability as the one who wears a proper makeup because other people mostly think that the baby face person is just graduated and has no experience in working, like flight attendant ,also required its workmen to be good looking all the time, so it’s necessary to wear makeup.


Moreover, wearing makeup can make a girl be more confident. It’s the result of covering all of their imperfections from the face until it looks flawless. All of the girls will be proud of themselves if they look perfect for others. Getting just one compliment, “You look good today!”, from her friends can make her smile and be confident all day. Makeup is a booster of confidence.


Makeup is very important for many girls but it doesn’t mean that every girl has to wear makeup. Every single girl has her own beauty. Wearing makeup is just to bring your beauty out for other to see obviously.


edited by May Jutasinee

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  1. It’s funny when most guys prefer naked face or very natural makeup.

  2. You said there are three reasons that every girl should wear make-up, and I think so. But actually I think there are about one hundred reasons more for girls to do a make-up. Personally, one of those reasons is that she wants herself to be the most beautiful in her crush’s eyes. Do you believe so? haha

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