Why Thai Dramas Cannot Be International Hits?

Why Thai Dramas Cannot Be International Hits?

Have you ever felt bored with Thai dramas and wondered why they are not as smart as dramas in other countries? Different from American TV series which are popular all over the world, they cannot get to that point for many reasons. The most important key and the most obvious difference between Thai dramas and international hits is the amount of budget. The lack of money can lead to production and technology approach’s problems in the drama process. Meanwhile, the U.S. has a super-production series,which spent almost $100 million per one season, like “Games of Thrones” from HBO channel. Thai dramas normally are produced in small-scale production with unrealistic CGs like the ones from channel 7.


Another key point is the corny and repetitious storytelling. Unfortunate for Thais, some people watched same dramas for at least 3 times in merely 10 years. It is noticeably because the TV broadcast networks do not have enough good scripts in their stocks.  Moreover, the plots of Thai dramas typically focus only on stories of love between the lead characters. Unlike in Japanese series, they are famous for their creative, smart,logical and fresh stories which usually focus on characters’ professions. As points shown above, the reasons why Thai dramas are not outstanding, can be fixed. Together with everyone in entertainment industry and money support from powerful organizations, including the government, Thai dramas being international hits is not unreachable!


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