Work and Travel as a Lifeguard

Work and Travel as a Lifeguard

“What job should I do during my work and travel program?” This question must be one of the questions that pop up in your head. Working at fast food restaurant, theme park or at the hotel is very popular for Thai students. Although you all know that there is so much work to do there and you cannot earn enough money by being a waiter at the restaurant or being a housekeeper at the hotel, you mostly apply for those jobs. There is no use to work as an employee at your work place if you can be your own boss. Accordingly, I have one more great option for you to consider which is working as a lifeguard.

First, let’s take a look at lifeguard’s duties. A lifeguard is responsible for the safety of the patrons in the water area; for example, a swimming pool or water park. The priority of this job is to prevent drowning, so you need to scan the pool carefully to make sure that no one is going to drown in the pool. Mostly, old people and kids tend to be victims. You must also enforce the rules such as no running and no diving in order to prevent injuries. Checking the water must be done every hour to make sure that the water is always in good quality. Moreover, it is lifeguard’s duties to vacuum the pool and clean the pool area when needed.

There are some requirements if you want to be a lifeguard. Firstly, you are supposed to be a good swimmer because you need to take a swimming test. The test includes swimming 300 yards without pausing, diving in 10 feet deep water to retrieve a 10 pound object and treading water for 2 minutes by using only legs. Also, you are required to have advanced English skill for communicating with the pool patrons. Moreover, American Red Cross and pool operation must be learned upon arrival in the US.

Due to great benefits, being a lifeguard is a good choice. You will get approximately 46-54 hours per week and get paid 8.25 dollars per regular hour or 12.75 dollars per overtime hour. There is no other job that you have this must income for just doing nothing, only just scanning the water and a little of cleaning. If you get paid this much for other job, you must need to work a lot more. It is also very possible for you to get extra hours. Students usually get 5-12 overtime hours per week. With this high money, you have no need to do a second job, so that you can have 1-2 days off a week. Moreover, you are like the king of the pool with power to control all patrons unlike other jobs that customer is the king. You can even punish the kids if they do not listen to you or not obey the rules.

Now you have some ideas about lifeguard job from the aforementioned information; lifeguard’s duty, job’s requirements, and job’s benefits. No needs to be hesitate if you have all the qualifications! Just go and apply for this job.  Being a lifeguard is not a summer job, it is lifelong commitment.

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  1. Very interesting! I would love to join a work and travel program but I am still waiting that there is one in Germany! hehe 🙂

  2. So you are good at swimming? I cannot fulfill job requirements for sure. I appreciate you. 😀

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