Work and Travel vs Study and Travel


Every year many Thai college students look forward to joining Work and Travel program. Work and Travel is the program for college student to go abroad about three months in summer. In the first two months, students have to work and collect money. Then, in the left month students will use the money that they are paid to travel in that country. However, there is another interesting program to go abroad in summer. It is called Study and Travel program which is close to Work and Travel program but in the first two months students will study instead of working.

There are many international companies that set the Work and Travel abroad programs for students. To join the program it costs about 100,000 baht including plane ticket fee. This program normally suits for students who are already good at English or the official language of that country as in working understandable communication is very important. Moreover, students should be a kind of responsible and patient ones and they must be able to take care of themselves since they have to live alone without any family protection. Joining such a program, students will experience in living, working and travelling abroad on their own. However, students will not learn much about the language but they learn about working, culture and living style of that country. Unfortunately, many Thai students who had joined this program were fooled by the company. For example, a student chose to work as a waiter but when he got at the work place, he had a position as a bus boy instead!

For the Study and Travel program, it is good for students who want to improve their language in all speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. Joining this program, students have to pay about 150,000 – 170,000 baht and they will stay with the host family and study in the main-streamed school or college. Absolutely, it is like they have to use the foreign language all the time so students will mainly learn and improve a lot in language skills especially speaking and listening skills. They also learn the foreign culture and life style. Moreover, student will gain more confidence to use the foreign language.

Now, you may understand better about the point of each program. If you are one of those who want to go abroad during this summer, you should compare between these programs that which one suits you the most.

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