Yakitate!! Ja-pan, an animation I never bored

Yakitate!! Ja-pan, an animation I never bored

I am the one who is an animation lover and I always watch animation since I can remember. Last summer, I have watched a Japanese animation, Yakitate!! Ja-pan, from Cartoon Club channel. It is the one of a crazy funny animation that I have ever seen. I like this animation very much because it made me feel relax and happy when I watched it. So, I am going to inform you what the animation about and what I have learnt from this animation.

Yakitate!! Ja-pan is an animation that presented the story of a sixteen year-old Japanese boy, Kazuma Azuma, who wants to create Japanese bread for Japanese that called Ja-pan, “pan” is a Japanese word that means bread. At first, when he was six years old, he didn’t like bread anymore because he always think that rice is the most delicious food in Japan. But when his sister brought him to the bread shop in the city, he changed his mind. Moreover, the owner of the bread shop allowed him to try making bread, after that the owner discovered that Kazuma has the magical “Hands of the Sun” that have suitable warmth for making bread. Then, Kazuma knew his talent and started to practice making bread that suitable for Japanese style by himself. Kazuma continues his bread-baking dream, and ends up going to Tokyo and works at bread-baking shop, Pantasia, Minami Tokyo branch. In many bread making contests, he was a champion by his Ja-pan that he has ever made in the past but at the end of the story Kazuma can make his new various kinds of bread that suit for Japanese lifestyle. However, the story leaves that Kazuma continues his dream and practice his bread-baking instead.

This animation gives me a lesson that if we have dreams, we should do everything that can make our dreams come true like Kazuma Azuma that practices his bread-baking and finds his way to make his dream comes true. Although there are many obstacles, he has never give up. This animation seems to be a stupid show, however, I think it can be the best example of the people who have a dream and make his or her dreams come true.


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