Youg Wizard Keeps Me Young

Youg Wizard Keeps Me Young


Have you ever wanted to travel back through time to restart anything? I always regret ignoring some good books published when I was younger. However, after being aroused by my friends for a long time, I finally decided to start reading Harry Potter for the first time. Yes, you did not get it wrong. A 21-year-old, half-adult girl just began reading what she should have read a century ago! Hopefully, it would not be too passé to state that I chose to read it because of its main character and terrific content.


Like other Harry Potter’s fans, Harry Potter, himself, is one of the most significant reasons why I keep on reading. Potter is clearly different from any other novel’s characters I used to meet, because he actually has some weaknesses which always lead him to a number of different hardships. However, he does not throw in the towel, and he is ready to take all responsibilities of what he has done. Even if he is famous, he knows what positions he should be. Moreover, he willingly takes all risks to get his love ones out of troubles, although he has to lie with such stupid excuses. I have no wonder why I cannot stop rereading every part of this fantastic character.


The all-time amazing content is another critical cause why I cannot take my hands off this novel. Despite carefully reading from chapter to chapter, I really cannot identify what type of book it is, for the reason that it contains such numerous expressions as adventure, supernatural, romantic, drama, comedy, and so on. One book is absolutely able to grab my attention from everything, even meals! Moreover, the conflicts in each book are not too complicated to follow up, and the author knows what point should be serious and when to get the audience out of it. While reading it, what I have guessed at the beginning of the story has always turned upside down with surprising climax.


Now, it is the age of information, and everyone can read through almost everything from online site to a piece of paper. When problems strike, novels can possibly be an effective pain killer. I personally believe that books are the magical pills that can cure you when you totally lose yourself in those imaginative characters.


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